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2001-02-26 - 21:19:38

I had a dream I was getting it on with Mayor Daley. That's kind of hot, right? That's REALLY hot, right? That's freezing cold, & it's gross.

You had that dream, not me.

Steve Earle gave a great concert, & there was major mulletude in attendance. That SAME night, "Popular" had a mullet theme. Coincidence? Or mullet hooligan conspiracy? I liked on "Popular" how the grief counselor said that if you want to work through your grief by starting an 80s hair-metal band in the style of Winger, that's fine. I never ever ever thought to work through grief that way, but it makes so much sense!

Andrew has a girlfriend on "Popular." He'd like it to be Mary Cherry, but really it's April Tuna. I get the feeling if she got her claws in him, I'd never see him again. Maybe on a leash. Crying. Happier than he's ever been.

Oh my god - Sydney just informed me that Bill Brasky is real, & reads my diary every day. I have to go directly home now.

*perv* *next*

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