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2001-02-05 - 981414531

"Valentine" - I LOVED seeing Boreanaz all big on the screen. Just so.....big. So very large in front of me, he was. I don't remember a thing else about the movie.

"George Washington" - Pretty strange & amazing. Confusing in the very best ways. I'm really glad I saw this movie, & I'd like to see it again. There's so much to think about.

Do you know those kinds of swings that they have in parks & playgrounds for little kids where it's like the swing isn't something you sit on but something you sit IN, it's like the swing is an outfit? Someone has to lift you & put your legs through the holes & you have to be tiny to fit in it & it's like the swing is a thick brown rubbery diaper attached by chains to a pole? I totally want one. I want a swing like that, where's there's no way I could fall out. It would have to be so big. I wonder if I could commission one from Lane Bryant. I also would love one of those round things where you are again in a diaper sort of thing & you are in the middle of a big tray & you run but there are wheels so that every step you take is helped along by the wheels? Man, imagine me FLYING down the sidewalk at you in that. Think of how FAST I'd go. Fuck scooters. I'd totally race everyone on scooters and they'd be the ones that look like babies. Miles behind me. I could have snacks & drugs & beverages & the remote on my tray. Plus some sort of horn so people could know to GET OUT OF MY WAY!

Maybe I'll just get the horn & implement the warning part and save up for the other stuff.

*perv* *next*

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