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2001-01-05 - 22:07:50

Did anyone see Will & Grace last night? Did you see Grace's "shirt" in the beginning of the show? Good lord. It was like the worst thing I have ever experienced. It was completely open, from top to bottom. It was just closed enough to cover up her tits. Or where her tits would be if she ate. Um, I could see things under her skin, in her sternum area, that should not be visible through skin. But besides the whole issue of her skeletor physique, it is just a terrible, terrible look. Where is Karen when you need her? Did she DARE wear that around Karen? I think somebody would get badly hurt.

I know people get all offended when women's bodies are picked on & there's this backlash of people wanting to defend Calista & other lollipops for their right to look ill. I was going to write something about it in parantheses in my previous paragraph, something like "If you don't like my hatred of skeletors, call 1-800-eat-SOMETHING." But it sounds like I'm on Hollywood Squares or something, right? Such a big punchline. I promise I'm not gunning for Bruce Vilanch's square, ok? Ok.

I have a date at the movies tonight with Sydney & some other friends of hers. She promises to buy me six Cloud Nine bars. They have them at Century Cinema, and they are my FAVorite. We're seeing "O Weiner, Where Art Thou?" I should have a full report (read: 2 sentences about who of the cast I would totally do) on Monday.

*perv* *next*

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