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2001-01-04 - 21:32:26

Last night I dreamt I was sitting at a table drinking champagne with Carrie & Miranda. Except we were Charlie's Angels. We were all talking about whatev; when some dude who was our Bosley came up, tipped back our bottle of champagne, & guzzled the entire rest of it right from the bottle. Oh my god, it was so ridiculous! We all just sat there until he walked away & then were like "WHAT. EVER!!!" And laughed hysterically that he'd just done all that. It was so gross, like only guys who think they have your respect & admiration & really you think they're retarded can be gross. It was all exciting to me to be the third of their group. Although I wish Carrie could be replaced by Sam. Maybe tonight. Charlotte probably would've thought it charming of him. God I hate her.

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