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2000-11-29 - 16:27:17

If I dated Angel, I would MAKE him do fun stuff. You saw how excited he got about how his laundry smelled. He's no Michael Samuelle; he is capable of getting genuinely excited about little things. There's no reason I couldn't drag him out to the movies constantly, & have him grow to love it. That one bad movie experience with Buffy does not need to scar him forever. Angel would love the Music Box! He'd get all excited whenever the organ music started. And he'd hate going into Century Mall, but would tolerate it in order to see movies there. Oh my god, it is SO thoughtful how he'll always buy several Cloud 9 chocolate bars there, even though it doesn't taste like much to him. He knows they are my favorite.

It's not just for fun when Angel & I watch "Xena" & "La Femme Nikita" together, although it IS a ton of fun. We'd study the strategies the ladies use, how they get out of seemingly impossible situations week after week. Any of it could easily come in handy for Angel. And the fashion on Nikita - we both enjoy that. We watch "X-Files" just because we both enjoy a good scare! As for "Sex & the City", he leaves that for me & my girlfriends (Cordy included) to enjoy. He's shy about some things. At least, until the lights are out...

At first Cordy resisted Angel & my dating, until she started depending on me. First it was for Internet research while she's out in the field, later, for friendship. She's such a different person now than the Cordy of Sunnydale. She devoured my Women's Studies coursepacks & my old issues of Bust, schooled my girlfriends & myself in the basics of hand to hand combat after coming to the conclusion that "the entire planet is a Hellmouth as long as women are victimized & oppressed", and is currently working on a one-woman performance piece exploring the politics of gender & demon hunting. She has a hard time finding as many women to interview as she'd like for "The Cordelia Monologues", but the women she has interviewed are really varied, including perspectives of a woman behind bars, & a lesbian couple that hunts demons together. We constantly joke that she should include Wesley's experiences.

Angel & I are really serious about each other, & happy that the people in each of our lives are friends. He trusts me to do his hair, I trust him to watch Nick & Lloyd when I'm gone & not feed off of them even when Nick is CONSTANTLY drawing blood from him, not to mention covering his black clothes in cat hair. We are tentatively taking a cruise to Europe together, in the spring. He wants to go to all the spring fashion shows, & right some wrongs or whatever.

The whole cruise thing depends on the premiere of Cordy's show, though. There's no way we'll miss that. If we don't go, we'll have just as good a time here doing all our favorite spring things. We'll hang out on his roof looking at the skyline, break into the zoo at night, get high & go to Superdawg, patrol for demons & vampires & sexual harassers. Everything we always do. Pam and Angel together FOREVER.

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