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2000-11-21 - 19:50:35

To finish up about the Macy Gray show -

She looked awesome & she shook her ass a whole lot & she kept making everyone yell "I'm so fucking beautiful!!! Especially when I take my clothes off!!!"

At least, I think everyone else was yelling that too.

She sang everything from her album, & segued into a little Bob Marl. Not my fave. She did "Ghetto Heaven" w/Common. She championed herself for president. "Shit....free clothes.......free house.....free WEED.....FREE CONCERT TICKETS, Y'ALL!!!" Yeah. Those would totally be the best things about being President.

I don't know, I should describe how amazing she was. But you can imagine. Right? There was a big encore. Someone got naked in the audience. Oh, did I say that at the beginning of her set the music she walked out to was a funky version of the Rocky theme? Maybe I did. That is the music playing whenever I walk anywhere.

I just invited Dave to visit me while I'm at my mom's for spanksgiving. I told him we can go behind my house & chase each other through the cornfields & break the swings. That is pretty much all there is to do there.

Vamp X needs to get a life.

*perv* *next*

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