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2000-11-20 - 17:23:20

"Meet the Parents" - Bob babytalking to a kitty cat is my number one fantasy, and it came true. This movie wasn't as hilarious as the ads made me think it'd be, but I liked how uncomfortable it was. Once again, like in so many comedies, the woman who is supposedly the object of so much love & the reason for the whole situation could as easily have been a mannequin propped up in the corner.

"The Big Blue" - DVD director's cut. 168 minutes. Never again in my life. Never ever. The beginning was great, Jean Reno was super sexy & majestic & hilarious & I really thought I'd love all 3 hours. Um, no. I do not understand why it was made, why so many people recommend it, or why no one talks about the fact that the lead guy was Slingblade simple. I guess he can still be a believable love for Rosanna Arquette because he's goodlooking? But...he is fucking simple. He is retarded. He wasted 3 hours of my life, while I watched him have sex with dolphins. No.

Thursday night I saw Black Eyed Peas, Common, & Macy Gray. They were all so excellent. I got there really early & was at the front, against the railing, so I could see everything & that was AWES. Black Eyed Peas are an amazing whirlwind. I was so tired just from watching them. Their music was gorgeous & I kept looking at the stage & seeing this incredible show, then turning around & seeing an almost empty Aragon Theater. Why was no one there to see them? A lot more people were there at the end of their set. They had to work hard to rile up the crowd that was there, & they succeeded. Kim Hill sang with them, too. It was a great performance & I wish I could describe it better but my head does not contain so much always.

Common was next, & he sported the following outfits, for corresponding musical homages: a soul outfit consisting of studded jeans & fringey vest & crazy 70s shirt & big afro wig (band member also were dressed up for each of these, like for this in afro wigs & vests & daishikis & stuff), black panther outfit, george clinton outfit consisting of gold lame & red pantsuit + g. clinton wig, early hip hop outfit. He was incredible. I only got a tiny fraction, I'm sure, of all the constant musical references in both his & Black Eyed Peas' sets. Common asked if were sick of police brutality & "the government playing tricks", & said to stand up against it. He pulled a woman from the crowd up on stage for a song to dance with him. No, not me. This woman was super cool & danced great & took over the number. LOVED IT. I think if I were her, I would've done what Buffy did to Angel on that one crossover episode & jump up making a belt around his waist out of my legs, a belt that he would've had to get the Jaws of Life to remove from himself.

Ugh. I have to get back to work, & tell about Macy another time.

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