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2000-11-07 - 16:59:17

I love the new PJ Harvey cd. There is one song that reminds me of a Pretenders song.

I'm currently reading the modern classic "Angel: close to the ground", by Jeff Mariotte. You haven't read it? I can't understand why not. The Angel books are as good as the Buffy books, in my opinion. Much better than some of the crappier Buffy books. Not as great, of course, as the masterful Gatekeeper Trilogy.

The name of the book reminds me of the Willie Nelson song "Angel Flying Too Close To The Ground", which I always played on the jukebox at my dad's bar. I loved it so. This was after I got in trouble for playing "Happy Birthday" as many times as I had quarters. For some reason, a Saturday afternoon crowd of mostly farmers does not want to hear "Happy Birthday" repeatedly while they have their drinks. At the time, I figured I got in trouble for this only because my mom liked to stop me from doing anything clever & fun that I thought up. So I took my next several quarters &, as instructed, didn't use them on "Happy Birthday". I used them on "Happy Anniversary!" Cle-vah! Times like these were some of the only instances where I found myself wanting brothers or sisters - anyone to be an audience for my hilarity! Instead it's just me, with great memories of all those times I took what my parents said literally & inspired tight-lipped rage. Happy Anniversary to me.

What else. Will Ferrell as Robert Goulet made me happy I sat through all the crappy rest of SNL. Ew. I just realized something. Goo lay. Yuck.

*perv* *next*

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