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2000-10-31 - 17:02:11

Halloween partying was good. I was a gold & red devil. Andrew & I co-reigned over hell. Oh! That totally reminds me - if you didn't see Xena, you missed an awesome orgy in hell. As awesome as an orgy can be on network TV, that is. She looked great in a black leather fetish-y outfit & mask, & Gabby looked really hot, too. They did a dirty dance together, & they each got it on with some dudes & then sniped jealously at each other about it later. I thought it was a pretty realistic portrayal of a lesbian couple with a semi-open relationship going to an orgy in hell. I loved it. It looked a hell of a lot more fun than the "Eyes Wide Shut" sex party. No thanks to that. Last night I watched "Magnolia" & again marveled not at Frank T.J. Mackey's package, but at his HAIR. It is so silky! Or is it just really oily? I can't decide. I really want to touch it. How does Tom Cruise make his eyes all glittery all the time? I want that. Please. So anything I say will seem like you can't even beLIEVE all the emotion & meaning behind it. Like I'm always being super flirty or threatening or something like that, but whatever it is you KNOW I can carry through. That is what his glittery eyes do. God, I felt SO sorry for William H. Macy. Christ. So desperately lonely, & not going to get any better with those Sally Jessy glasses. He made me so sad, & made me think about my aunt telling me how important it is to let people know we like them, even just acquaintances, because people can get so very lonely. But who could like him? He was getting braces because his crush had them! Who could want to be around him? Probably nobody, & it's so not fair. He's annoying, therefore he has to live with this terrible loneliness. I really wanted John C. Reilly to take him to get a kitty cat or two. They don't care so much if you're annoying. They just want their bodies touched. DIRTY DIRTY DIRTY DIRTY DIRTY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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