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2000-10-25 - 20:20:23

I have no Halloween costume to speak of. I have an idea of being Miss Piggy, using my wig from last year when I was Bride of Chucky. And I have a pig nose. It's disgusting, & not at all like Miss Piggy's nose. God. The more I think about it, the more I realize I am going to be one fucked up Miss Piggy. Should I make some sort of theme out of it? Like, should I be Fucked Up Miss Piggy? No. That's retarded.

The other night Syd & I saw the ep of Roseanne where Pats and Eddie are on. Pats & Jackie both think the other is a man. It was so good, until some sort of Rosemary's Baby sub-plot about Darlene's baby happened. What. The. Fuck. Dude, just keep the entire thing about all 4 of the ladies crawling around drunk on the bathroom floor all fucked up. This is a FINE idea for an episode. But of course that would be too far from crazy for her to do in her last season of the show. Then she may have lost the competition she was having with Brett Butler & Ellen DeGeneres at the time to see who can go the most publicly crazy, using their sitcom as a means of expressing their insanity.

Really, Ellen didn't go crazy. Except for all the stupid celeb cameos. She mostly just went unfunny. Which is even worse. But I never stopped watching. I was totally rooting for her & ...... I can't remember her girlfriend's name. Laurie. Who is now Jane on "Popular". I still liked the show ok, but it was sad when you'd see an old one & realize how really funny it used to be, with cute Audrey & everyone else.

Last night after Buffy & Angel I watched the most fantastic show on E! It was all about this rather exclusive goth club that I think is in San Francisco? This one woman who combined the most terrible qualities of sprites & crones was the main interview. Dude, she was SO OLD, & SO CRAZY. She looked down on the younger vampire children, for they think goth is just a fashion trend, & do not understand how exquisite is that grey area between death & life. Nor do I. Understand that. There was also this terribly terrible man who was a bouncer or something & was so clearly the same snotty slime as in every scene, asking girls to dance & then making out with them as part of the dance? And of course he's Somebody in that particular scene, so you could visibly see these women going along with kissing him, even though he happened to be more disgusting than anything I can even dream up for comparison. More disgusting than Michael Douglas or Mankind or ... MORE DISGUSTING THAN EVERY OTHER MAN SHOWN IN THAT GOTH SPECIAL. And there were Marilyn Manson lookalikes involved. Ya get it? He was gross.

There were so many more important things that I'd planned on writing about, like Nick's nose & my relationship with Angel, & I don't know what happened.

*perv* *next*

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