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2000-10-19 - 16:18:11

On this week's "Angel", Cordelia referred to Angel's "manly boob muscles". Later on, another woman referred to his Thing. I mean, she didn't use the word "Thing". She just referred to him obviously having a good dream, "or maybe the covers were just rumpled". I would hate this except for the fact that he could not have a more pained look on his face for both of the comments. Like it really does hurt him to have anyone bring up his body at all, thereby bringing up the fact of his physical perfection. I can so completely relate.

Wow. Everything I think to write about seems like it would take too much energy to think up the words. Things I want to write about but am too fucking lazy:

*Seeing "Bread & Roses" & "Wattstax" Tuesday

*Xena DVD that came in the mail from Greg yester

*My boss sweatily requesting that I stop coming in 30 min. late every day

*Raindrops on noses & whiskers on bittens

*Sex & the City season finale

*Some different other funny stuff I thought up in my little teeny tiny brain




So tired now! White Hen soup has something in it to make me lie down under my desk now. ok bye bye

*perv* *next*

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