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2000-10-16 - 16:18:53

Where to begin. I had a fantastic weekend, featuring maybe the pantswettingest brush with celebrity I have ever had, or ever will have.

Ok, Friday night Syd & I saw a couple of movies. One of them was "Bus Riders Union", a Haskell Wexler documentary about the group of L.A. activists who are organizing against the racist policies of the L.A. transit system. They are incredible, so very right-on. At one point in the film, one of the main dudes talks about how when he's trying to talk politically to middle-class people, he tells them they want to build a movement of poor people. They are uninterested in hearing about that, or about how race factors into the entire struggle (and if you can ignore that, you are pretty talented at ignorance), what they want to talk about is their outrage at particular instances of the mayor's corruption. The organizer dude said "You know the mayor is rich. What do you care if he is rich plus one? Why don't you want to talk about building a movement of poor people?" That was such a lesson for me right there. It's a really great way to intervene with someone who is only interested in hearing part of your program. These people are really great organizers & I learned a lot from the film.

Afterwards, Haskell spoke. He was great, he was very kind, very political, & very appreciative of the audience's love for the film. He actually gave the film to the Bus Riders Union, to organize with it & profit from it. He has done cinematography for John Sayles movie, & a bunch of other amazing stuff; & he's also directed a bunch of left-wing films. Look him up on IMDB & you will be amazed at the list before you, as I totally was.

After the movies, Syd & I accompanied Jim to the Marigold Bowl, only to find karaoke is not happening there on Friday nights anymore. A bunch of people who work at the Film Festival showed up, & even Japanese director Sabu showed up. At that point I hadn't seen any of his films, & being a huge retard, I was too intimidated to make conv. Syd & I did make a lovely new lady friend who lives in our (clitoral) 'hood, smokes down, is single, hates marriage, loves cats, & loves movies. I don't think I can ask for anything more.

After last call happened at Carol's, which is a 4:00, we found ourselves going home.

The next day is when the really exciting part of my weekend began. I was hungover like a motherfucker (or like...Pamela D. H.), & slept most of the day away. I woke up, for the final time, around 7pm. I headed to the Music Box, Sydney not feeling able to go with.

Here is where I get shaky just thinking about it. I was standing with Jim (now designated as my best friend forever and ever as long as I live, FYI), hoping there'd be an empty seat in sold-out "Caesar's Park", the new documentary by Sarah Price, who did "American Movie" which is one of my favorite movies EVER. As we were standing there, Jim asked casually, yet NOT casually since it began the rest of the evening being all slow-motion & underwater-y, "Did you see Mike Schank?" Um............no. Obviously, no. Had I seen Mike Schank (of "American Movie"), you would be yelling for someone to get a mop & sop me up off of the floor. Then it happened. I saw Mike, & right behind him, I saw Mark. And even Ken Keen!

I was completely shy & starstruck. Mark is like 8 feet tall & wore a Mancow shirt (yuck) & a flannel. He has some terrifying chin action. Meaning, a LONG rather wispy goatee. Mike had on a shirt that said London, & had maybe Mickey Mouse on it? Ken's hair is all short, with no form of mulletude going on.

I watched "Caesar's Park", which was good. I didn't really think it was great, but pretty good. There was a dude in it who was maybe a little crazy, who just took tons of pictures. He explained, while holding a 6-inch stack of pictures, "Someone called me a liar. Said I was lying, about this being a military cemetery. So, to prove it, I took a picture of every gravestone in the place..." It cost him 200$, & took 1 1/2 months. Afterwards, there was Q&A. Mike Schank raised his hand & asked the awesome question "Why's that dude take so many pictures?"

Three of the people in my aisle, the very back row, got up & left during Q&A. It took me a while to notice that that left me 4 empty seats away from Mister Mark, & ladyfriend.

People left when questions were over, & stood in the lobby. I could not stand myself. I wanted to fall through the floor, just because I couldn't deal with my excitement, & I don't do things like "run around" or "make good talky talk with others" or whatever other things people do to deal with their excitement. I am proud to report that I had the presence of mind to remember that I had my camera in my purse. Jim, who is the man of the hour for all the hours until the end of time, said "Want me to ask Mark if I can take a picture of you two?"

Um. I...........Yes. Yes. That is what I want. That is exactly all I have ever wanted. Even before last year's Film Festival, when I didn't even know who Mark Borchardt was, I somehow wanted above all else to have my picture taken with Mark Borchardt. Do you understand? To put it in some sort of context.......well, I was going to try to make some comparison between this excitement & the excitement I'd feel if I met Jack Black, but that is too much for me to think about right now. I'll set aside a few hours soon to contemplate such a thing.

Before I knew it I was standing in front of him, & Jim was saying "Mark, I want you to meet someone. My friend Pam is one of the biggest "American Movie" fans ever." Mark shook my hand, MY hand, vigorously & said "Pam! Dude! Great to meet ya! Thanks a lot! Hey, you were sitting just over there, right?" I think I drooled a whole bunch & made gurgling noises (hopefully, like a very sexy baby). Then, Jim asked about the picture. Mark immediately said "SURE!" and PUT HIS ARM AROUND ME at which point I peed my pants explosively. Ew, that's really gross. No one should write that, ever. God. Sarah & Chris, the "American Movie" filmmakers, came into the picture & Mark suggested that they "bookend us, or whatever". Do you understand that through a bunch of discussion of how & where the picture should be taken, his tall arm was around me? Do you understand that? Because, I DON'T. I keep thinking I made it up, but....if I had made it up, I think I would've been making actual words throughout the whole experience.

The picture was taken & I slunk away as I heard Mark talking about how they'd closed the bar last night, & also about how great "The Howling" is. I filled out my card rating the movie, while Ken & Mike stood next to me filling out theirs. I thought about grabbing Mike's out of the box to give to Sydney, but that seemed mean & plus the lady who works there was right next to me.

A few minutes later Jim offered to introduce me to Mike. We went outside, he introduced me, & I told him I liked his question. He said "That dude took a lot of pictures, right? He said he took a picture of every gravestone." I babbled super fast & used my hands a lot to talk. He walked away. I didn't know what to do with myself, & had to get home to tell Sydney. And call everyone I've ever met.

No, I'm not the same woman I was before Mark Borchardt put his arm around me. I'm a little happier, & a lot retardeder. I have little faith in my own conversation skills, at least when I'm sober. This means, not so very much sobriety. Maybe then, I won't be such an ass next time.

*perv* *next*

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