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2000-10-12 - 19:57:37

My friend N. works in this place for old people. She is always having issues with the kitchen staff, leaving herself unable to get any food. Unwilling to ask for food, really. Like the time the retarded girl decided she liked N., & since N. likes kiwi, put ALL the kiwi from the fruit salad on N.'s plate, thus making N. look like a hoggish asshole, & leaving her unable to go get food from this girl anymore since who knows if she would next give her every steak in the place or what, & how much would everyone glare at N. then. What happened this time was that she watched this documentary on Downsies, & this surgery you can give to Downsies when they are babies so that their faces are less Downsy like as they grow up. Ok, she "has no time" to watch Angel or Xena, but will watch shows like this that are obviously made by the devil. Anyway, so this surgery gives them all kind of the same look I guess, like around the eyes & everything, & there is a guy at her work, in the kitchen, who has the exact same look. She said he dates the prettiest girl in the place which of course infuriates N., & that she overheard the girl give this dude a compliment. This dude's response was to make a huge violently tardacious laughnoise, look directly at the ground, & run away really fast. N. called me & asked if that sounded like tard/Downsy behavior to me. Uh....yeah? Like, a textbook case? So, she feels like this guy is keeping his Downsiness from the world & especially from his girlfriend & it upsets her & she has to avoid him now. Also she mentioned he just purchased a pair of white contact lenses & wears them all the time "and is all cool now." ?

Also, while I'm on the topic of this girlfriend of mine, I should mention that there is an albino with a mullet at her local Blockbuster who grabbed her hand the last time she was there & asked if she lives nearby. I think I'm just going to refer to her as Lady Luck from now on.

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