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2000-09-29 - 17:13:36

There is so much to write about that I can't choose anything & keep just not updating. I had an awesome Detroit weekend. I saw a trillion people who I was really happy to see. And every one of them looked super fucking cute. Otherwise, I wouldn't have been so danged happy to see them, would I?

Now down to the real questions at hand, the things that have been keeping me up at night:

Would I really like Jack Black if I met him? Ok, if I met him, yeah. But, could I date him? He is my number one crush & I am always on about how I seriously LOVE him, but could I really tolerate dating him? Can being the fucking funniest person in the world make up for the sexism that you inevitably encounter in a relationship with any man?

Hi, I'm Carrie Bradshaw. Asking the questions that matter.

I have to say, I don't understand why last week's Sex & the City STOPPED, right when it was getting started. I loved watching how much Samantha really enjoyed that joint, & she really looked like she thought it was good quality pot, looking down at it, & shaking her head yes. Actually, shaking her head "YEEEEAAAAAAAHHHHHHHH." And Miranda staggering in from the other room, all of them cracking up at something hilarious, maybe at how happy she was to be able to eat what she wanted without those fucking braces on her teeth. Of course, I'm only guessing at these things, since the end of the show was them getting high. I can watch Carrie & her stupid boyfriend get high & hear their inane convs. I can be tortured by the existence of Charlotte & her husband Kyle McChinlan. But I can't hear the stonertalk of my 3 ladies. Ugh.

Oh, this reminds me, & I know I was in the middle of something about Jack Black, but Spike Lee has come out against that show "Girlfriends". I love when Spike Lee comes out against stuff. I think he is great. He hates that it's this show all about black women, & they all just talk about getting fucked. Well, firstly, the most recent episode wasn't, it was about the main character standing by 'helplessly' while her girlfriends were in a fistfight with other ladies, & getting in trouble w/them for it. This is a question more relevent to the lives of people I know than most sitcom "questions". But the thing is, I know there is stuff fucked up about the show. I agree with Spike, they talk about retarded things. Just like "Sex & the City". But, I don't EVER get to see anything about my life reflected on TV. Women on TV all have men at the center of their lives, a husband or boyfriend or whatever. Or they want these things. The center of my life is my relationships with other women, & it means so much to me to see these shows that are about these things, even in a really lame, unrealistic, still fairly man-centered way. I guess "Girlfriends" maybe isn't any funnier than "Friends" or shows like that that other people watch. I don't know, I can't watch that shit. But "Girlfriends" sure is riveting to me, even though everyone's still unrealistically moneyed & beautiful.

Now I feel like going on about my rekindled love of Martin. But that'll have to wait.

Jack Black is just a man & he would say sexist things like ALL men do & he would interrupt me & he would probably have gross guy friends over & he would make retarded jokes about women. They all do at least one of those things & they mostly do all of them & if you find me drunk at a party & say "Hey, do you think there's any chance Jack Black is a feminist?" I'm SURE I would corner you for five hours about it, how he most certainly IS, but right here & now, sober & realistic, I really don't know & maybe I should give up the dream. But....it just seems like....there has to be some relation between how fucking FUNNY he is, & how smart he is. & smart equals him being a militant feminist, in my humble opin.

I think I'll figure out a way to ask him. Then I can know if we are soulmates.

(I know we're soulmates. I KNOW we are & can't seriously be told any different. I just am trying to get over a crush that hurts.)

*perv* *next*

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