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2000-09-19 - 16:43:39

Night before last I had a dream that I was at my grandma's, & Jack Black was playing a show there. It was perfect & yet it hurt, because...well, because Love Hurts. Or, Love Hurst, as Sydney would put it. In the middle of JB's performance, he realized that I didn't have a beer. I'd finished my can of Bud & set it down & was empty-handed. He immediately stopped his song & stomped down to the beer fridge in the basement, angry with the rest of the crowd that I'd had to stand there for so long with no one getting me a beer. Thank you, JB. Thank you for noticing what no one else would. That I am a thirsty lady. He resumed playing & kept giving me smiles & I went completely mental, telling my friends we would for sure hook up later. They told me this COULD happen, but were worried about me & were saying it might NOT happen. At this point my friends pretty much disappeared from the dream.

Not a very eventful dream, but I have to tell you that when I looked into his eyes, it was like looking into the eyes of......a super sexy owl. A super super sexy owl. Like, the kind of OWL that you would have SEX with. Do you see what I'm saying?

Or, maybe looking into his eyes was like looking into a basement fridge completely full of beer.

Something completely dark & beautiful & ETERNAL.


Ok. This weekend I bowled my highest score ever, I think. 90 something. I did okay. It was super fun. I also bought a bunch of books at Afterwords by the Grand Avenue El stop, & they put me in their customer database & will send me birthday cards. The lady at the register was really helpful, & recommended reading other Susie Bright books if I like the Best American Erotica 2000 that I bought. I think it was basically her saying, "Wow. I so want you." I was like "Yeah, I think we have all of those other ones," looking at Sydney. Which is kind of a gross couple-sounding thing to say, but it's just that we have been roommates for a while so I don't always think of who particularly owns what book or cd, just that we have it in our home. Anyway, that was my code for "I know you do, but Sydney here gets very jealous, & I gots to get home & smoke a bowl & watch some old episodes of Buffy, because it IS Saturday night, after all." She seemed to understand.

The new issue of Bust is the Men We Love issue, & it's so good. It really is a whole bunch of men I love in there. I would die if they listed me. "We do like this person who claims to be a she, but this shim is so damn mannish, that we had to put her in our men's issue..." Ugh. I'd rather be listed as a monkey. NO!!!!! No, I'd rather be known as a man than a monkey. But I really did just have to think about it for a minute.

*perv* *next*

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