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2000-08-22 - 17:03:36

Saturday night I accompanied Sydney & Mali to a party they'd been invited to by a gent from their softball team, who'd be D.J.ing there. All we really knew was that it'd be a block party on the South Side, & this gent would be spinning classic rock. It sounded like something we might not normally get to do on a Saturday night, so we packed up the cooler & the bowl, & headed out. We headed out, & we headed out, & we headed out. Sydney was driving Big Ern for such a long time. We drove through certain tunnels & tubes, & found ourselves at one point in some sort of race to the death with this big semi, inside a tunnel. After we made it out alive, Sydney said "RUNNIN WITH THE DEVIL!!!!" Which we certainly were. I likened it to Kiefer & Jason Patric's motorcycle race in "Lost Boys". From there, we discussed Coreys, in particular Feldman's recent foray into porno. I think the last time I saw him was in the sequel to one of those Cryptie movies. I think I would prefer seeing Cryptie in a porno, to Feld.

Anyway, we finally made it to Aldi, which is where we were, uh, meeting another guy from the team. Sydney called it from the start - when you have plans to meet someone in a grocery store parking lot, it is always shady. Of course we ended up missing him. Both thinking the other one would sit in different parts of the lot? I don't know what it was, but it did not work out.

We left Aldi after a while, & drove around this random neighborhood trying to find the source of this music. We almost crashed this "party" that was really just a house with like 4 cars in the driveway. It was really hard for the three of us to figure out where the REALLY LOUD music was coming from, but we finally did. Mostly thanks to Mali who posited "I think as we get CLOSE to the music, it should get a lot LOUDER..." From that idea we were able to rule out the areas where the music got quieter, & find where the block party actually was.

We found the dude we were supposed to meet at Aldi, & dragged our big-ass cooler toward the music. On the way, our arrival caused a small group of people to CRACK UP. "They're just gettin' started!" Um, yeah. It's like 9 or 10 or something. We walked a long ways, found the D.J., & were greeted with a shocked expression & "I didn't think you guys were comin'! It's so LATE! You're comin' at the END?"

Pre-tty cool. I don't think it was our fault, I mean we didn't realize the party was going to end when it was bedtime for the kids. Apparently it had started at noon. This wouldn't have been such a big deal, if it weren't for the fact that we were the only ones not from the neighborhood, & everyone was just hanging out in little groups on their own lawn. We started hanging out on the sidewalk & drinking beers.

We somehow made ourselves a part of the only true partiers on the block. They kept playing loud music, even after some parent types came over & complained. This woman said we were welcome to hang out in her yard, so we did. All I remember for a long time after that is drinking beer after beer & laughing really really hard. At one point we went behind someone's house to get high with them, & it was really fun until someone mentioned hurrying up because her cop brother might be coming by? Um....NO? No. Thanks, but No.

After a bunch of things I cannot remember, we left. It was still so EARLY. We went to Krispy Kreme & purchased four dozen. At the time, it seemed a necessary amount. Now that they have done something bad to me that you can email me & ask about if you want but it's really gross - they seem not so necessary. We then went to the Gold Star where we spent about an hour or more openly staring & laughing at these 3 guys on the couch who all just looked really miserable & angry. We thought they were British. But they weren't.

I don't know. Oh, the classic rock D.J. from the party - I forgot to mention. He played all the classics alright. Things like Blackfoot. And everything else that I have NEVER HEARD OF EVER.

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