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2000-08-18 - 18:36:57

Last night Sydney & I watched Bravo Profiles Roy Orbison. I love Roy Orbison. His songs always, always make me cry. Only they never let you hear enough of the song on that show, just a bit over & over. You think you're going to cry, & then they cut to the terrible insect called Bono so he can share his thoughts. What a gruesome bug he is. I guess he doesn't know that Matt from Real World is the same kind of big orange glasses/facemask wearing bug, or he'd probably stop. If anyone has an in with Bono, PLEASE advise him to take a look at Real World Matt. At least RWM has the excuse of albinoism. Albininity. Albination. Bono just chooses insectitude for no reason I can know.

Anyway. Roy Orbison is so wonderful. I took a taxi home from Schuba's a few weeks ago, pretty wasted. The driver asked me if I wanted to hear some music. It was hard to formulate an answer. "THAT...SOUNDS LIKE...FINE!!" He put on Roy Orbison, really loud. "Crying" was the first song. It was the most perfect music he could've put on. I loudly clapped my hands (I am just reporting the facts, I do not think the facts are particularly cool), & he said "You like the oldies?" "I LIKE ROY ORB!" Luckily I was not drunk enough to tell him all the things it crossed my mind to tell him, how Roy Orbison is all about memories of my dad, or how I was grateful to have a cab ride where I actually felt safe & wasn't asked if I have a boyfriend & all that other horseshit you ALWAYS get asked. It was maybe my favorite cab ride I've had in Chicago.

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