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2000-08-17 - 16:51:15

Last night I went to the Chicago Cultural Center to see "Aelita, Queen of Mars". It's a 1929 Russian silent sci-fi film. There was live music accompanying, including a theremin! Exciting. I really wanted to stay for the next movie, Theremin, but MY ASS HURT. God. The seats are so uncomfortable. If ONLY they had the Oasis La-Z-Girl recliner with built-in cooler & massager! Everything would be different. I'd go see ANYTHING they wanted to show me. Anything. The entire staff is showing it's vacation photos? I'm there. Director's cut of BASEketball? I'll bring the beer. Whatever they wanted me to look at, it'd be a small price to pay for my friend My Ass to get the comfort & respect it deserves.

Ok, a few days ago in the newspaper I SWEAR I read in a small article that the Firestone tires that are all fucked up had been investigated and found to be SCAB TIRES? But yesterday, when I read through the front page article of the Tribune about the recall, there was absolutely no mention of them being scab-made. It said they were made at the Decatur plant, from '94 - '96. "But Firestone disputes that the Decatur plant had any special problems during that period." Anyway. Is it too much to ask that a MADE BY SCAB LABOR label be created & generally implemented? So rich fuckers who are all about union-busting can buy all that shoddy shit up & put their own gross selves at risk? And the rest of us can know that we aren't buying things made by strikebreaking scum. Ok? Thanks.

I'm reading the book "Cunt" by Inga Mascio. It is maybe my favorite book ever to hold up & be reading on the train. A lot of it is crazytalk, but I still enjoy it a lot. Because big parts of it are not crazytalk. I stare a lot at her author pic on the back of the book. You can't see her face very well, but she's wearing a pink dress, long black leather coat, & pink bunnyhead with ears hat. Wow. That was going to be my author pic outfit. Now I'll have to go with the tinfoil g-string. Wouldn't that be a good author pic outfit if you wrote a dirty sci-fi book?

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