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2000-08-16 - 16:52:09

Despite how very VERY hard I laughed throughout it, I was disappointed in the ep of "Popular" I watched last night. First, the boys went through a long process of learning exactly how shitty it is to sexually harass girls, & how comments that they think are nice can be creepy. Ok. Then the girls learned that they are also guilty of sexual hararassment! Because they talk dirty about boys they see in the media, & they talk about boys walking by in the hall, & this makes the boys who overhear feel inadequate. Whatever. The end was 2 friends having a discussion of what it's ok for him to say to her, can he say she looks cute, or is that bad, etc., & both of them agreeing it's hard to figure out. It makes me sad that there is so much distance now between us & the militant women's rights, gay rights, & anti-racist struggles of the past, that it's perfectly acceptable to have this "reverse oppression" bullshit be part of a show that is honestly trying to be progressive. There is nothing comparable about women who talk about their sexual feelings for men who are in a magazine or walk by them, & men who do the same to women. While I GUESS they could legitimately seem the same (also it does seem like you'd have to be faking not knowing any better to argue that), how can they be the same when at every turn men are represented as full human beings, as brains & brawn & humor & creativity & authority & every possible thing you could want to be. Women are represented as tits & ass, or if those things are not desirable (often this means fat women, old women, women of color, women who deliberately look unconventional, etc.) then the women are invisible or a disgusting joke. If you can't even SEE us as people, and all that's put in front of us as examples of real people is you, how can you even try to compare 2 situations like were on this TV show?

Anyway, I think the fact that the sick fucking joke of an idea that is called "reverse racism" has somehow found some legitimacy in discussion EVEN AMONG PEOPLE WHO SINCERELY CONSIDER THEMSELVES ANTI-RACIST, also allows this kind of "men's oppression" to be discussed as if it is EVEN worth anyone's time.

Ok, there is a bunch more shit I could say about it, like how upset the specter of an audience of young women watching this show & guiltily questioning THEIR attitudes towards MEN, makes me.

But there is way too much to go into right now on my lunch hour & instead I'll just say that last night I was lying next to Nick, looking at his nose extremely close up, & I was thinking about how much I'd love to blow his nose up to about ninety trillion times the size that it is, until it was actually a planet I could live on. Everything all pink & such a sweet texture. I would not go inside the nose ever, but I would venture up to the velvety part. My mail would all come & be tucked in that tiny little fold on the lower outside of the ear. Then I had a fantasy about shrinking him down until he could fit inside a thimble. I'd keep him tucked next to my lower gum, like chew. YUM.

*perv* *next*

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