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2000-08-01 - 20:08:08

Dave came from Detroit for the weekend. I'd like to outline some of the funner things we did this weekend:

I. Watched Tenacious D videos

A. Dave thinks JB would be "just too much" to do.

1. Whatev

2. Not

3. More for me

B. Whenever I watch the D, I get a different song stuck

in my head.

1. Yesterday - "stab you with my bowie while i'm


2. Today - "oooh yeah mothafucka, i'm gonna kick

your fuckin' derri-e-e-ere..."

II. Watched Freaks & Geeks

A. Live it

B. Love it

III. Saw "But I'm a Cheerleader"

A. Sexy

1. Ladies

a. Natasha Lyonne

b. Clea Duvall

c. Melanie Lynskey

d. Cathy Moriarty

e. Mink Stole

f. Michelle Williams

2. Clothes

3. Sets

B. Made me laugh hard

IV. Ate awesome food

A. Breakfast at Pauline's

1. I had an omelette with white & green aspar, &

swiss cheese

2. Their coffee is GOOD

3. This old guy kept turning his head all the way

around and looking pointedly at Dave's food &

clearly wanted a bite off his plate. Dave

never did offer. I don't like hanging out with

rude people, & don't know why I do.

B. Tapas at Cafe Iberico

1. Sangria

2. Goat cheese

3. Chewy escargot

4. And some more stuff

Alright, I can't do it anymore. What if that was the only format that I ever wrote anything in ever again. That'd be cuhRAZy, huh? HUH? Yeah.

I'm going home from work now because I'm hung(ry) like a horse & will die if I don't get something to eat.

This looks even more retarded now that I see none of my indenting shows. Tardacious.

*perv* *next*

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