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2000-07-18 - 16:26:04

Friday night Sydney & I went to the Museum of Broadcast Communications for the "Freaks & Geeks" event. The producer Judd Apatow & the creator & writer Paul Feig were both there. They had so many amazing stories. Like, that the network wanted them to have Britney Spears guest star? And that "So many weird people were calling us up, wanting to be on the show....like Screech." God. How pissed would you be at whoever gave Screech your phone number? An audience member asked how they managed to write their teenage girl characters so well. Judd said that there were women writers on staff, & Paul said that he has a theory that the problems of a teenage girls are very similar to the problems of men in their thirties.

The 3 unseen episodes that they showed were so hilarious & so sad. They will eventually be released on DVD. I am so there, dude.

What else. I was just on the phone with Sydney, informing her that I am gonna raise hell, gonna raise hell, gonna raise he-ell. She got the impression that I intend to REIGN in hell. I'd never thought about that before, & I like the idea. I think Tenacious D might be angry if I claimed to reign in hell, since they already reign supreme, & I'm assuming that includes hell.

I just pictured myself running into The D at a party & asking them their permission to reign in hell. Just a momentary visualization of being that close to them made my stomach get all scared. I think I'd better just stick to good ol' raisin' hell, for the time being. My time will come to reign, & when it does, I think my stomach will be prepared.

*perv* *next*

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