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2000-07-13 - 21:00:29

I chose the template that I did because it slightly resembles the People magazine title font. People sucks because they mix in stories about uncelebs, but whatev. I didn't see an EW title font option.

Here is a list of things about Ozzy that I learned reading a Rolling Stone article at the hairdresser:

Ozzy mainly listens to Beatles & former Beatles' albums.

Ozzy wears black underpants.

No doctor can tell Ozzy why his hands constantly shake.

Ozzy cannot read so well.

Ozzy will NOT be wearing a codpiece onstage anytime soon.

Ozzy's favorite food is chorizo.

Ozzy growls "bark at the moon" in the face of his tiny dog.

Ozzy can't rememb what he got last xmas or birthday.

Ok, I'm concerned that this list seems like I'm making fun. I'm certainly not. Try & get me to tell you what I got for my last birthday or xmas. Come on. That shit is hard to remember. I just find him fascinating, especially the around-the-house kind of stuff.

2 ideas I had recently for marketing that Ozzy could be involved in:

Haircare infomercials. His hair has been through more than ANYONE'S. He fried it with perms & frosted it to the extreme. & now it's all silky smooth looking. He'd be way more entertaining than other infomercial hosts, & his hair is truly a miracle. I'm buying whatever he's peddling.

Secondly, a search for the word "chimp" on ebay brought me to a stuffed Bubbles the chimp doll, apparently part of a line of Michael Jackson stuffed pets. Who fucking cares? Why not have Ozzy stuffed doves? That's a hundred times better.

*perv* *next*

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